6 Films to look forward to this January

I’m going to be honest. January hasn’t offered me much so far, and we’re four days in. Aside from feeling particularly chubby and particularly skint from the festive season, this month is undoubtedly going to be a long one. Oh, and it also won’t stop raining.

So, instead of eating my own body weight in biscuits and waiting for Catastrophe to hurry up and make a third season, I’ll be braving the weather, heading to the cinema and catching one of these great films. Popcorn optional.



I’m in love with Jennifer Lawrence as much as the next person, so when I saw the trailer for Joy, I got a little excited. Inspired by strong women, this film follows a divorced mother of three as she tries to make her way in the world of business – not entirely helped by her completely dysfunctional family. Robert De Niro puts on a great performance as her father and you’ll even get to see Bradley Cooper’s lovely face. The soundtrack is pretty ace too.

Joy is out now.

The Danish Girl


If you fancy watching something with a little more depth, this is the one for you.  The Danish Girl is loosely inspired by the lives of Danish painters Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener, telling the story of one of the first known recipients of sex reassignment surgery. It has been nominated for countless awards and is already been hailed as one of the great films of 2016.

The Danish Girl is out now.

The Hateful Eight


There’s nothing quite like escaping into the cutting-edge wit and wicked soundtrack of a Tarantino film and with any luck, The Hateful Eight will be escapism in its finest. Heading into Wild West territory, this film promises a great cast and plenty of action. Oh, and violence. Plenty of that too.

The Hateful Eight is out on the 8th January



This is a film I’m really looking forward to this year, despite the fact it might not be easy to watch. Spotlight focuses on an investigation into child sex abuse cases in Boston by the Boston Globe newspaper, and has recieved critical acclaim for its handling of such a dark subject. It’s also got one hell of a cast – with everyone from Stanley Tucci and Michael Keaton to John Slattery and Mark Ruffalo.

Spotlight is out on the 29th January



I loved this book by Emma Donoghue, so I’m slightly apprehensive as well as excited to see how Room is depicted on screen. Focusing on a young woman held captive, it follows the story of her freedom through the eyes of her little boy, Jack and him experiencing the outside world for the first time.

Room is out on the 29th January

The Revenant 


I’m a big fan of any film that stars Leo Dicaprio and while he doesn’t exactly have Gatsby’s charm or classic good looks in The Revenant, he always guarantees a great performance. This film combines plenty of grit with stunning shots of the unsettled wilderness of Louisiana and while I’m not sure what to expect, I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

The Revenant is out on the 15th January



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