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What is ‘self-care’ anyway?

I’ve always thought that ‘self-care’ is a bit wanky. Up until now. Continue reading What is ‘self-care’ anyway?

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5 free things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of my favourite places in the world. From its grand architecture to its meandering backstreets and fascinating history, there’s nothing quite like taking a wander around this beautiful city. I first visited in the Autumn of 2013, completely falling in love, before returning this year to experience what summer was like there. Despite being a large city crammed full of things to do, you’ll … Continue reading 5 free things to do in Edinburgh

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An adventure in Bali

I’ve recently come back from my first trip to Asia, beginning in Singapore and spending five days in Bali, Indonesia. Although I’ve never considered visiting Asia, the main reason for our visit was my best friend’s wedding. Travelling half way across the world, we decided to tag on a trip to somewhere we could laze on the beach, and Bali seemed the perfect option. As … Continue reading An adventure in Bali

Things to look forward to this Autumn

The first Monday in September is always reminiscent of going back to school. New pencil case, a new set of highlighters and more importantly, a fresh start. Sadly, this morning is the first time in ages that I’ve woken up in the dark – and of course, it was raining. Despite the rain, I’m still excited for September’s arrival. With it comes autumn. Of all … Continue reading Things to look forward to this Autumn

A is for anxiety – or how to deal with a bad day

Ever have one of those days where your head hurts, your muscles are aching from tension and you feel a little bit like your heart might jump out of your chest? For me, today is one of those. It’s a common misconception that to have anxiety you have to be an anxious sort of person. Have a conversation with me for at least five minutes … Continue reading A is for anxiety – or how to deal with a bad day

Do we have too much choice?

I don’t know about you, but I’m terribly indecisive. Recently I read an article about unlikely things that make you feel unhappy. On the list were things like excessive social media use, not feeling in control and eating too many burgers. Unsurprising to me and high on the list was also ‘having too much choice’. While it sounds like the ultimate ‘first world problem’, I … Continue reading Do we have too much choice?