What ever happened to Creativity?

I blog and I read a lot of blogs – still though, I’d be less inclined to call myself a ‘blogger’ as such. Rewind eight years ago and I would’ve been quite proud to announce to the world that I’d got my own personal corner of the web. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I learnt how to form the shapes of letters, or long before that if you count my constant babbling and over-active imagination.

So when I realised there was a surge towards creating digital content rather than print, I was excited. While I loved the feel of a magazine or the smell of a new book, the digital revolution could only mean that everyone who wanted to share their voices and opinions could be heard.

I’m not referring to badly written Facebook overshares or keyboard warriors either – instead, there was an ever-present crowd of young people with something to say on their own online platforms. At the time, it sparked my interest in digital journalism and quite possibly put me on the career path I’m on today.

Fast forward to 2015 and blogging is now the norm. Instead of inspirational content and stunning raw photography, the web is filled with product placement and false advertising. Bloggers are paid in kind for their words with free products or long-haul holidays. Beauty blogs are filled with sparse and unenticing reviews of the same lipstick in varying shades. Blogs have become so heavily filtered of honesty and reality that they’ve begun to function hand in hand with our Instagram feeds.

Of course, there is still some good content out there. The Pool is a witty and somewhat refreshing online platform produced by a group of thirty-something women who share their views on everything from careers to child-rearing to Chanel earrings.

Still, while there are some blogs I still read regularly, there are some I have given up all hope on. Blogs that are so focused on metrics and sales that they’ve kind of lost the point – from the glaringly-obvious typos to the glaringly obvious fact that even they don’t believe in the product they’re attempting to endorse. It’s a shame because along with many things, being a good writer used to be something that couldn’t be taught. Of course, you can teach a child the importance of grammar but you can’t teach someone to become a fantastic storyteller or how to write something that will make an impact upon the minds of others.

I guess what I’m longing for is a dose of creativity. Instead of reading the same posts on “15 things I love about Autumn”(Yankee Candles and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, of course) and “The perfect winter lipstick” (a deep plum bought out by every cosmetics company every year),I’d like to witness something original. Tell me your fears, your hopes and your dreams or those little things that just really annoy you. If I’m reading your blog, give me a piece of you instead of a reworked press release. and if you don’t love it? Don’t do it.


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