Things my mum taught me

There are many things my mother has said to me over the years that have become valuable life lessons. Some of them aren’t necessarily blog-friendly, but are brilliant none the less. Like the time she advised me and my best friend, as teenagers, on how we could make our underwear last a second day: “just turn them inside out” – it is important to note that this line was delivered with a wry grin.

Even now that I’m the ripe old age of 28, she is providing expertise on everything from sink unblocker to spaghetti recipes as well as a constant reminder that I’m “rubbish at arranging flowers” (I’ll get there…)

So, in celebration of Mother’s Day and in honour of mothers everywhere, here or remembered, here’s some of the things I’ve learnt from my mum.

  • Work hard, be patient and you’ll get there

My mum has a seriously strong work ethic. When I was a kid, seeing her receive phone calls at the weekend made me secretly proud of her – because that’s what the really important people do. I’ve learnt never to be lazy, always use my initiative and always give as much as I’ve got, because that’s exactly what she does.

  • Having fresh flowers in the house always bring happiness

Our house often had flowers in it, especially in the springtime. Nothing fancy – perhaps a £1 bunch of daffodils or a small posy of sweetpeas from the garden. Now I’ve got my own house, there’s nothing that brightens my spirit more than a bunch of beautiful blooms.

  • You’re stronger than you think and braver than you feel

Although this has become something I say to her when she needs it, she has shown that she is both strong and brave many times over. I’m proud to come from a long line of ballsy women.

  • Don’t wait around for someone else – do it yourself

Learning to be independent is one of the most valuable life lessons you can teach. It is why, like her, I’m not afraid to get on a plane to travel by myself or stand up for myself. Relying on yourself is empowering.

  • How to make a bloody good lasagne

My mum is an excellent cook, and most of her recipes have been passed on to me. Cheesy, crisp lasagne always makes me think of Saturday nights, when we’d often curl up with it on our laps while watching telly. The secret? Make it in the day and then bake it again at night. Delicious.

  • If there’s enough blue to make a pair of trousers, it’ll be a sunny day

Don’t ask me where this old saying comes from – for me, it comes from my mum. The idea is that if there is enough blue in the sky to make a pair of trousers, it will turn out alright. If there was ever an adequate metaphor for life, this is it.

So while she might be terrible at remembering anything from my childhood (“I was busy!”), I’m pleased to have learnt lots over the years from my Mum. Plus, her house is always filled with chocolate.



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