Sunday favourites

In a bid to blog a little more, I’m going to start posting up my weekly favourites on this little corner of the web. Whether it’s a particularly delicious recipe, a catchy song on the radio, a book I couldn’t put down or something I felt inspired by, it will all be compiled in my Sunday list. Plus, what better time to do it than a lazy Sunday afternoon reserved for reading, relaxing and endless cups of tea? I hope you enjoy.

I’ve been watching… The Jungle Book and Eye in the Sky

We decided to treat ourselves to the ultimate Sunday this week and spent most of it at the cinema (as well as a small portion in Starbucks.) The Jungle Book was first up, and what a wonderful film it was. It has an almost old-fashioned feel to it, so fans of classic Disney will be pleased. Alongside an excellent cast and an age-old story, it is also really beautifully created and definitely made me want to jet off to the jungle!

Eye in the Sky was completely different, but an excellent political thriller. It documents a military team as they order a drone missile strike to take out a group of terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya. There is plenty of tense moments and it is definitely a film I recommend watching (although don’t expect a barrel of laughs.)

I’ve been reading…Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussman

I’d been meaning to get around to reading this book for a while and so far, I’m enjoying it. Tigers in Red Weather documents the story of Nick and her cousin Helena as they go throughout their lives against the setting of Tiger House, the place they grew up together. It is largely set in the 1950s and 1960s, so I’m appreciating the glamour.

I’ve been listening to…Podcasts 

I’ve only recently got into listening to podcasts, mainly through discovering Emma Gannon’s CTRL, ALT, DELETE series. I’m quite the fan of Emma – she has plenty to say about society’s relationship with social media and champions young women making a career in digital.

Her first podcast featured Elizabeth Gilbert (writer of Eat Pray Love) as she talked about tackling creative projects and how she benefits from her own online community. Upcoming podcasts feature everyone from Zoella to Dawn O’ Porter, so I’m looking forward to listening to more!

I’ve been lusting after…A Cambridge Satchel 

I don’t tend to spend much money on clothes anymore – I’d much rather save my pennies for a beauty treatment or weekend away. Having said that, I’m really tempted to treat myself to a proper Cambridge Satchel. This Traveller bag is ideal for holding the things I need (phone, lip balm, a million used train tickets) but looks pretty too. It’s my birthday next month too. Surely a reason to take the plunge?

Have a great week!


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