The Big Screen

With a excruciatingly short attention span, the cinema hasn’t always been my first choice for a date. At home I can barely make it through an episode of Orange is the New Black without pausing the telly every four minutes (thank you Sky+) to talk about what’s happening while I simultaneously make myself a cuppa and scan my Instagram feed.

Gone are the days when our parents used to utter ‘if you look at that box all day, your eyes will go square’ – now I’m surprised there isn’t a person in the developed world that hasn’t got square eyes. Why direct all of your attention to Game of Thrones when you can tweet about how good/horrifying/shocking it is, handily hashtagging along the way? Why even consider completing a Netflix marathon or watching Bridesmaids for the eighth time if you can’t even ‘check in’ on Facebook to let everyone know that’s what you’re doing?

Perhaps this is why a trip to the cinema is so refreshing. For all the unwritten rules of cinema etiquette – switch your phone off, don’t eat your popcorn noisily, try not to breathe audibly – there is something great about being in a place where one thing has your undivided attention. Yeah, you might pay £11 to be sat in a room with a hundred other strangers shuffling about but where else can a self-confessed social media addict lose themselves in the magic of a good film?

We spent our Saturday evening watching the late night showing of Jurassic World and I have to say it was worth it. Aside from gazing into the eyes of Chris Pratt as he trained a gang of velociraptors (I know!), the evening presented an alternative to drinking overpriced cocktails or watching the same old rubbish telly inevitable on a weekend night. The comforting scent of popcorn, the plush seating, the joy of a large screen and the excitement of the trailers – I loved it all. It also made it easier to close my eyes to the daylight robbery of paying nearly £3 for a bottle of Oasis.

For many, heading to the cinema for a few hours of unadulterated action in the dark (ooh err) has become increasingly popular. There’s not much chance of a cloudy head the next day and it offers the perfect opportunity to wear your favourite pair of faded jeans and the comfiest jumper you own. It’s also quite nice to find yourself in a place where everyone’s eyes are only fixed to one screen. So, with my shiny new driving licence and the hope of an unlimited cinema card, I might’ve just found myself a new hobby. Now, who’s going to buy the popcorn?


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