Things to look forward to this Autumn

The first Monday in September is always reminiscent of going back to school. New pencil case, a new set of highlighters and more importantly, a fresh start. Sadly, this morning is the first time in ages that I’ve woken up in the dark – and of course, it was raining.

Despite the rain, I’m still excited for September’s arrival. With it comes autumn. Of all the seasons, I’ve always loved autumn the most. Aside from the weather turning colder making a good excuse for a new pair of boots, I love the rusts and auburns of autumn leaves and the late September sunset. I love the excuse to cosy up with a good book (or a box set on Netflix), my living room adorned with a million Matalan throws I didn’t need and enough tea lights to set the bookshelves alight.

There’s still socialising to be had in the autumn months too. There is lingering in coffee shops over hot drinks, evenings in with slow-cooked meals and cinema trips on a Sunday afternoon. Autumn makes me want to go for long walks through the countryside, or take up road running. Somehow, the season presents a whole world of possibilities. Here’s what I’ll be planning to do this autumn:

Visit local food markets

Despite living in Sussex nearly all my life, there are plenty of places I’ve never visited. This year, I really want to spend time visiting nearby towns and villages and sampling some of their food markets, because food is what life is all about, right?

Start scrapbooking

I’ve been meaning to make a book of the travel adventures Liam and I have been on for about three years now. I’m looking forward to spending a bit of money in Hobbycraft and putting together a scrapbook of our best memories and the places we’ve been.

Cook more

Autumn tends to be the time that I become attached to my slow cooker, making delicious stews and hearty soups. This year I’m even feeling brave enough to try some old-school pudding recipes. Apple pie, anyone?

Get walking

As I get increasingly bored of the gym, I want to get my exercise in a way that will make me feel better. This time of year is all about going for long walks without getting too sweaty, so I’m excited to don my best pair of trainers and explore the best of Sussex’s countryside.

Enjoy some new boxsets

I don’t spend nearly enough time watching high-quality television – usually my attention span is too short. With amazing new series like Black Mirror and old series like The Tunnel (anyone watched it yet? It looks great!), I’m looking forward to a few lazy afternoons.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?


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