Sunday favourites

This week has been a long one and not helped by managing to catch a cold just in time for the weekend. We had a lovely dinner with friends last night and even managed a round of board games so today was a much-needed duvet day. Fingers crossed I’ll be feeling better come Monday morning! Here’s what I’ve been loving this week.

I’ve been watching…  


I’m a sucker for a BBC drama and this one has had me gripped from the beginning. It follows an undercover police officer attempting to conceal his past from his defence lawyer wife. I’ll say no more – except that you should probably get on iplayer and watch it.

I’ve been reading…    

How to be Good by Nick Hornby 

I love a good Nick Hornby book. The characters are well thought out and there’s always a few laughs. This one centres on a dysfunctional family as they attempt on learning ‘how to be good’. It is a bit of a cynical look on how we live our lives and what it means to be selfless, but it is also really cleverly written.

I’ve been buying…

Shoes for summer 

I’ve been trawling through fashion blogs lately to find the perfect pair of white pumps. Finally, I came across a Disneyland post from What Olivia Did where she wore the ideal shoe. The best bit is they’re only £18 from Next, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing them all Summer long.

I’ve been making…

Chorizo and Chickpea soup

I cooked dinner for some of our friends last night and it is one of my favourite recipes. Don’t let the fact that it is soup put you off either – it’s thick and hearty and is delicious with sourdough bread dipped into it. I love all the different flavours, from the chorizo and Spanish ham to the egg grated on top. It also calls for an entire back of spinach, so I can kid myself I’m being a bit healthy. Find the recipe from Jamie Oliver here.

Have a great week!


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